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Technology is everywhere. Users demand technology that makes their lives simpler, better, and more connected. But technology can be poorly designed, complicated, or simply not work that well. 28seven is dedicated to thinking about, designing, and programming integrated systems that allow technology to complement our lives – not complicate.

28seven offers programming, design planning, and consulting services. 28seven produces clear, well-documented designs of systems that are easy to implement. We strive to ensure personal needs have been thoroughly thought out and built into each system.

For 28seven, technology integration is not about shiny gadgets. It's not about trying to cram in additional features. It is about living side by side with technology, enhancing daily life.


Every interaction is critical - every interaction with your system, with your client, with 28seven.
28seven understands how important customer service is. We track each interaction in our internal system, ticket it and load it into our database. On the go? Shoot an email to support@28seven.com and a ticket will be generated by email. Or give us a call (646 470 0238) anytime and we can put the ticket in for you.

What we track - Your Email: Each member of your team gets their own login.Subject: Create as many tickets as you want, you can search to find them later. Description: Sing it out, the more the information the better. Job name: Search by related tickets later. Type: Let us know what its all about.



28seven thinks that the first step towards a good system is a Savant system. We take high-quality Savant hardware and software and add a layer of customization designed to make each system better, more personalized, so users wonder how they ever lived without it.

Custom Programming

Custom Themes - Retina Dashboard

Full screen background
Quick access to all the most important features


Full 2-way metadata and control
Control via HTTP profile, metadata via HTML scraping

Noti - notification engine

Library based system notifications
User accessible via popover
click note to dismiss

Sub Zone

Zone service tracking Allows for individual volume control of adjacent zones
Logically decide desired service based on system state


Seven day repeatable alarm
User selectable alarm actions

Staff Call

Audible spoken alerts
Timeout and missed call tracking

Presence Tacking

Presence driven system events
Determined by occupancy sensors,AV and environmental controls

Crestron Integration

Full 2-way metadata and control
Savant system control via existing legacy touch panels


Scope of Work

Often, the only plan of a system to be installed is a bill of materials. Interpreting how a system will operate with only a simple parts list for reference can result in miscommunicated requirements, needless change orders, and dissatisfied end users.

28seven works differently. Our designs do not revolve around a parts list proposal. We document not just the bill of materials, but what the system will actually do, clearly illustrating to the end user what they can expect, what they will see, and how everything will operate. The result is a system that installs faster and wraps up easier because all parties know what the final product should be. 28seven can work with end users to create a scope of work which can then be provided to multiple integrators for bid, or take an integrator's existing parts list proposal and round it out to a full readable scope.

Sales Drawings

Early stage design documents

  • Differentiation during biddin
  • Scope of work generation


Architectural drawings of elements

  • Conveying how an element is installed
  • Ensuring a design is sound. Equipment rack layouts

Wire Schedules

Documentation of every wire

  • Informing sub contractors of wiring needs
  • Design error check, making sure everything required is present

Block Diagrams

Block Diagrams are the operating bible for properly designed systems. They let the designer know that the proposed design is implementable. They let the installer know how to install it. And years later, they inform the service technician how to diagnose an issue. 28seven's Block Diagrams put every component, every wire, and every connection on paper, because in systems with hundreds of components and thousands of wires, knowing what should go where is important.

Floor Plans

Architectural layout of the installed system in the space

  • Conveying system design to contractors
  • Understanding electrical needs of a system
  • Ensuring system design requirements are compatible with site specifications

Space Allocation Drawing

Documentation down to the last inch

  • Understanding how equipment will actually be installed
  • Ensuring equipment will fit in desired locations
  • Designing ventilation systems to keep equipment cool and running longer

Consult28seven, your rock.

Buisness Consulting

Sales Support

Feel confident in what you sell

Company Support

Company Support

Help building your structure



Teach a man to fish...

Direct Consulting

System Rescue

System Rescue

We can get you running

Design for Bid

Design for Bid

Solid design, proper implementation

Third Party Evaluation

Third Party Evaluation

Your double check



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